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Name Tenavox
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Contact's Name Tenavox Sir
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Location 13359 US-183 #406-677
Austin, TX 78750
United States
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About Tenavox

Tenavox aims to do what no brokerage, listing site or quasi-mashup of the two stalwarts can and that is to be an unbiased resource, advocacy marketplace built around businesses. We are quite simply...different. We are not motivated by commissions or transactional software for enterprise ownership, we're motivated to level the playing field for businesses in commercial real estate. We connect businesses with the buildings, resources and vendors they need to make a more informed and satisfied lease.

Tenavox, through its website and mobile applications provides the tools and information to transform the way decisions are made in commercial real estate leasing. Like we have seen successes in consumer-driven portals with Zillow, Glassdoor and HomeAdvisor; Tenavox is the competitive edge its users leverage to make better lease decisions.

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