About Us

Your Growth is Our Mission

We are passionate about shaping the way the world looks at AfroWorld and Afro-related professionals and businesses.

Social Marketing has and always and will continue to be at the heart of all of our company efforts and by delivering the world’s most powerful AfroWorld Marketing Platform with fully-featured Social Media solution completely for free. AfroWorld enables people everywhere in the world to create and run a strong professional and business presence.

Together with our dedicated International African Community, we commit ourselves to the relentless pursuit of removing the social stigma that goes with financial and technical barriers of bringing great business and intellectual ideas to life. We will continuously strive to outpace the competitive landscape by tackling the challenges preventing African professionals and Afro oriented businesses from succeeding with refreshing and game-changing solutions ranging from Free Websites, Online Stores, B2B Trade Portals, Food Reservation Portal, Travel Booking to state-of-the-art Online Directories.


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